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Halal means “Permitted by God” and is highly trustful on the quality assurance of products.

Halal means “permitted” literally.

Halal means “permitted” as per Shariah law across an entire life.
It includes not only food but also medicine & cosmetic and is separately defined as Halal food which permitted to be consumed for Muslim by Shariah law.
In case of meats, it’s defined as Halal food when it should be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic slaughtering method “Dhabihah” and there are prohibited animals such as pork, snake.
Thus it’s called “Haram”, which are things to be prohibited by Shariah law.

To export products for islamic countries, must be certified with Halal.

Haram food is things to be prohibited by Shariah law. Haram means “ Not permitted” and includes pork and freshwater fish, etc. Haram food should be prohibited to consume but there is a little difference among Islamic schools for the non-halal so that some school permit the only scaled fish and other school permit all the products from sea. In case of industrial products, Halal certification mark should be attached on them.
In the course of certification, sanitary inspection should be conducted so that it shows quality assurance. Furthermore, restaurants where sell Halal food also should get a Halal certificate. For Alcohol, basically, it is Haram and should not be contained on any F&B.
To be recognized as Halal food, not only Origin of food but also cooking Procedure is important. Even though the food itself is Halal, if it’s made by cooking utensil which contacted with Haram food, it is Haram and any processing food which contain ingredients derived from pig such as gelatin should be Haram and prohibited for consumption. For meats, both slaughtering and inspection should be controlled by Muslim and it’s clearly separated with Haram food during processing, packing, storage, distribution, etc.

Halal(Permitted), Haram(Prohibited)

Halal means not only “permitted” but also ”safety” so that it’s popular in non-Muslim as well.
- Fard(obligation to do necessarily, ex) Pray, fasting, pilgrimage)
- Mustahabb(recommended, ex) pray, fasting)
- Mubah(irrelevant with law, ex) watching TV, eating-out)
Haram means “prohibited” including pig, blood, alcohol, etc.
- Makruh(things to avoid, ex) smoking, divorce, laziness, etc.)
- Haram(Prohibited things, ex) alcohol, pork, etc.)
As per Sunni school of thought, all the creatures which resembles the shape of fish are regarded as Halal and as per Shia, only shrimp and fishes covered with scales are regarded as Halal and as per Hanafi, all the crustaceans including crawfish, crap, clam are regarded as Haram.
Halal Food - Food without Intoxicated ingredient
- Cow, Sheep, Goat, Carmel, Deer, Elk, Chicken, Duck, etc.
- Milk(Cow, Carmel, Goat)
- Honey
- Fish(except freshwater fish)
- Vegetable(frozen vegetable under fresh condition)
- Fruits, Dried fruits
- Date palm, Grape, Olive, Pomegranate, etc.
- Peanut, Cashew nut, Hazelnut, Walnut, etc.
- Whole grains
Haram Food - Wine, Ethyl alcohol
- Pork & by-product
- Blood & by-product
- Carnivore
- Dog, Cat
- Freshwater fish
- Reptile(snake) & Insect
- Carcasses of animals, Dead animals before slaughter
- Halal animals which not slaughtered in accordance with Shariah law
- Other food which is difficult to distinguish whether it’s Halal or Haram