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Halal Mark of Korea Halal Authority(KHA) has been recognized around 60 countries of Islamic cultural area.

Symbol mark of Korea Halal Authority has been registered in the related international organization

Halal mark issued by KHA has be completed the certification procedure in SMIIC registered as a representative of Korea so that it is available to be used in Islamic countries.

Symbol mark of Korea Halal Authority has been developed based on Korean National flag so that it could show the Korean image to people all around the world.

Symbol mark has been designed and developed with placing the Arabic word on the middle and using a yin-yang pattern, crossed with crescent which is symbol of Islam. For colors, there are 4 colors(Red, Blue, Black, White) which express an indigenous mark of Korea. The word “ Korea Halal ” written in three languages English, Hangul(Korean), and Arabic so that it’s able to be readable for people in the world.

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Left & Right Type

The authenticity of a Halal logo is identified as follows:

1. The word ‘Halal’ in Arabic is placed in the middle of the circle.
2. The inner circle of the logo contains the word "Korea Halal" in three languages English, Hangul(Korean), and Arabic.
3. Korean National flag Half Circle crossing each other is covering the entire contents of the logo.