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In case of Halal Certification from KHA, saving time and cost better than others abroad.

KHA serves quickly and accurately certification & support so that you will be able to occupy the Muslim market in advance.

From now on, to go into Muslim market for local companies, no need to get certification from abroad and achieve from consulting to certification in Korea at a time.
The most strong point of the certification from KHA is to save time & cost and you may export your products to any Islamic countries with our certification.
We provide proper support for trading consulting as per company.
Additionally, you may get understanding of Halal and quick job performance through professional Halal training by KHA.

Halal Certification Process Flow Chart

General required documents for Halal Certification

01. Application form
02. Business registration certificate
03. Factory Registration certificate
04. Production license or Business license
05. Production statement
06. Manufacturing processing chart
07. Test report
08. Sample (produced minimum unit - required volume for analysis & storage)
09. List of Raw material
10. Manufacturing processing chart of material from suppliers & confirmation letter which means that there is no use of animal ingredient
11. In case of using alcohol(less than 0.5%) - COA of Finished products, which show residual ethanol
12. In case of using enzyme during process - Document for identifying the origin of enzyme, List of material for culture media, manufacturing processing chart for every material
13. If the companies have HACCP, CMP, GHP, ISO and other certificates, please provide copy of them.
14. Imported material(certificate of completion of report), Domestic agricultural livestock(certificate of origin), Imported Halal material(Halal certificate)
15. Certificate of Halal Training

Other required documents upon request

- Gene Analysis Report, Non-GMO Report, Residual insecticides or Chemical Report, Heavy metal Report, etc.

References & Precautions

01. Certificate is valid for 1 year after issued and renewed every 1 year.
02. After 6 months from the issued date, through monitoring, if the Halal management is not adjustable, the certificate might be cancelled right away.
03. If you take the Halal seminar held by KHA, it will be able to substitute as intermediate monitoring.
04. If you use meats are not slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law and materials which are not Halal, impossible to be certified.
05. From the incoming of raw materials to the production line(manufacturing, storage, transportation) in factory should be only for Halal and shouldn’t be cross contamination with other production lines.
06. Oil for consumption is not harmful for human being and origin from plant and able to use in accordance with Shariah law.
07. Upon generating any change on submitted documents, should be reported right away and Halal certification might be cancelled if it’s not proper on Halal food production.
08. If it’s necessary for Halal certification to be issued, confirmation and data of authoritative analysis institution might be required.
09. Raw materials from supplier should be Halal or conform to Halal.
10. After certification, in case of finding any deviation, can be cancelled right away.