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Korea Employment Information Service adopted a Halal expert as promising future job newly emerged in 5 years.

The most important thing for Halal Training is to be applied for Site with the latest information and knowledge of global Halal market.

To be successful and conduct Halal work in business, Korea Halal Authority establish cooperation system with international Halal organization related Islamic countries and get the latest information about global Halal market and train.

KHA conducts both audit and certification so that it’s available to be acquired as per process of Halal certification.

Applicants should submit the application form until 25th of every month and be informed after confimation with 1st document audit through individual notice & bulletin board before the end of every month.
In the 1st day of next month, the program will be scheduled and conduct the training.

Training Curriculum 1 :
Halal Team Manager Program

Program    - Halal Team Manager Program
Contents   - What is Halal?
- Halal Standards
- Halal Animal Welfare Guideline
- Auditing & Certification Process
- Halal Assurance System
- Halal Testing Methodology
- Halal Slaughtering
- Halal: A Human Lifestyle
- Halal Logistic & Supply Chain Process
- Halal Product & Process
- Principles & Requirement of Shariah
- Good Hygienic Practices : GHP
- Good Manufacturing Practices : GMP
- Standard Sanitizering Operating
   Procedures : SSOP
- Food Safety & HACCP
Subject for Training   - Persons who are appointed as Halal
   Team Manager
- Persons who are interested in or prepare Halal
- Persons who work for companies
   related with Food industry
Training Period   - 2 days
Application   - After downloading application form,
   send it back to us by fax

Training Curriculum 2 :
Halal Direction Committee Program

Training Program    - Halal Direction Committee Program
Training Schedule   - It will be announced soon.
- For inquiry, please contact us at 042-222-0131

Download of Application Form

After downloading the application form, please send it to us by Fax(042-471-0773) or Email(